Genting Malaysia is one of the most exceptional tourist destinations in the world. Millions of tourists visit the location every year to spend some quality time with their near and dear ones. The spot is famous for its beautiful hotels, spicy street food, and the thrilling parks that one can ever find. From picking strawberries to riding horses on the famous ranches, one can get involved with whatever sports he/she likes. Though the place is filled with tourists throughout the year, here are some of the exciting things that you can only experience in the area along with tons of fun gambling and betting activities.

1. Get Some Juicy Strawberries from the Strawberry Leisure Farm

Before you head to the busy streets of the Genting Malaysia mainland, we would suggest you get a stop at the Gohtong Raya. The place is famous for its juicy strawberry farms, among many other things. The strawberry ranches spread across acres and are an ideal spot to watch the sunset. If you are not in the mood to see the sunset, you can ideally grab some strawberry and head back to your cab to the central highland. A small box of strawberry costs nothing more than $2 and is an ideal companion for the rest of the journey towards the heart of the place where all the fun lies. Once you arrive at the top gambling spots you can enjoy the evening with your loved ones and win as much as you desire!

2. Dive deep in the flavours in Gohtong Jaya

If you love Chinese, then Gohtong Jaya is the right destination for you. The food is cooked with the traditional Chinese items and is famous for some of the items like the crispy pork and steamed vegetables and eggs. The seafood is at their best, and the menu contains some of the classic Chinese items which are difficult to find even in the most exotic corners of the world.

3. Find peace and calmness in the Chin Swee Cave Temple

One of the most popular tourist attraction, the Chinese temple is a mystic temple with its strange tales. The temple dates back to 1976 and is the home of two lords, Lord Buddha, and Kwanyin. You can visit the beautiful statues of both the Lords at the back of the temple.

4. Explore the world of Insects

Who knew insects could be fun? The place has some of the fantastic gardens specially dedicated to insects. Farms like the Happy Bee Farm, Insect World, and Butterfly World’s Garden are some of the most exotic locations for kids and adults alike. In case it doesn’t interest you, the perfect way to spend your time during the leisurely afternoons will be gambling in your luxurious Genting resort with a bottle of champagne to celebrate those wins!

5. Go shopping at the world’s best destinations

Genting Malaysia is not famous for its beautiful buildings and parks. The place is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations across the world and has hundreds of outlets of the world’s most premium brands. These brands post regular updates on their social media page about the latest offers. So do check them out regularly.

The list can go on and on. Genting highland has many more things to offer. The place is full of pleasant locations and is a perfect mixture of art and technology. So whether you love betting or nature and art, Genting is the right place for you!