Here’s a Singapore online betting secret that we are passing you for free. Last year, a rank new comer on the Singapore live betting circuit won more than a million dollars.

Is winning this much money impossible? Well, many people think so. But, we don’t thinks so.

Winning big on Singapore online betting is quite easy and all it takes is just a few tips. Read this article and get ready for your next Singapore live betting session.

  1. Know what’s live betting

Singapore live betting activities involve placing bets on live sporting events. You log into your online betting account, check the various sporting events that are taking place, and choose one of them. Let’s say it is football and out of the two teams, A and B, the latter team has won most of its matches in the past. You lay your bets on B because of its previous record.

A scores first, and you now rethink your betting strategy. Bit you still want to wait.

A few minutes later, A strikes back. Now the game is evenly poised. Now your betting strategy is changed- both teams stand an equal chance in the game. This is how live betting is done; you depend upon what is happening on the ground. Sportsbook figures do help you, but ultimately it is your judgment.

  • Set realistic goals

It is nearly impossible to win every bet, let’s be clear on that. Our judgments will fail several times because we don’t factor in all the important criteria while placing the bet. Sometimes, we don’t even know what are THE SIGNIFICANT FACTORS.

Let’s set goals that are achievable. We can place small bets that don’t exceed our limits. Once we achieve our goals, we can increase our limits.

  • Select wisely

There are two schools of thoughts related to placing your bets.

Some pros say it is wise to spread your risks; the aim is to minimize your losses.

On the other hand, other say it is prudent to focus on just a handful of games to win big.

So, which way will you go?

We’d suggest you select those games that you know. If you follow football, lay your bets on this game. If you don’t know the rules of horse racing, it is better to stay away from it.

But you can still spread your risks on football by placing your bets on its different aspects. How many goals will be scored? How many penalties will be awarded? Which player will fall more on the ground? What’s the total number of saves?

We hope this article helps you in winning your million bucks when you next decide to lay your bets.