Last year, Singapore based betting sites gave away more than a million dollars in prize monies. You too can become a millionaire, if not a billionaire, by making the right moves. One of the key moves that you need to make is to create a Singapore betting account. Creating your account on one of the Singapore live betting sites doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

If you are a novice in the live betting circuit, please understand that this kind of betting takes place on live games. You can choose your own sport or game by scanning the numerous Singapore live betting sites available at the click of a button.

Since Singapore has a large expat population, most of the websites have sports like football, cricket, basketball, horseracing, etc.

So how do you create your Singapore betting account?

You need to first identify the right betting portal. For this, you can read various online reviews, and then form an opinion. Before taking your decision, please consider the following yardsticks.

Your betting portal should be secure and there should be no scope for hackers and online phishers to steal your data. One of the portals where you can play safely is . This website employs the secure server layer technology which makes your data and personal information absolutely safe.

In this context, we would also recommend not to use public Wi-fi networks while laying a bet. Please use your own wi-fi or mobile hotspot.

Secondly, you should continuously sharpen your betting skills. This means that it is wiser to hone your skills by playing free games regularly. This way, you would know your weaknesses. In this context, it also helps to read a few betting guide books to stay ahead of the competition.

If you are a new player on the gambling circuit, here is an important piece of advice: please stay away from games that have a high house advantage. Games having high house advantage are invariably loaded in favor of the online casino. Rather, it makes sense to play and test your luck at skill-based games.

Play your game in a relaxed manner. Pros never rush in their games. They think through coolly and then make the right moves. If you want to play like a pro, think through each move deeply, and then make your move.

Many amateur gamblers place their bets on almost every sport that they see on the website. This isn’t a wise move. Rather, pick a couple of games, observe how things work, and then place your first bet.

Stick to a budget. Set up your limits and stick to them. Never treat gambling as another source of income.

Lastly, listen to every piece of advice that you get, but make your own judgment. Sometimes, our gut feeling is more valuable than external advice. Gambling is not just plain luck, it is also a very scientific activity.