Do you know that by just following 4 steps, you can win more than a million bucks by playing online casino Singapore? Read this short guide on acing your game in any Singapore online casino.

  1. Opening your account

How can you win big without opening your account? Do this by just following these simple steps;

  • Log into H3Asia, a leading online gambling platform quite popular in Singapore and South East Asia.
  • Submit your email id, name, password while registering yourself.
  • Enter your correct age, don’t lie about your age. Some online casino Singapore operators do independent checks while accepting new members.
  • Verify your details by clicking the registration link sent to your email id.
  • Make the first deposit by adding your credit/ debit card, bank account etc. to the casino’s gateways.
  • Read instructions

Before you start laying your first bet, read up all the instructions listed on your online casino Singapore. You can find all those instructions easily on the website. Understanding and memorizing those rules and guidelines will help you ace the game.

  • If you are unclear,

Speak to the 24/7 customer care helpline provided on the website. Leave questions on the site or simply send an email. Most good online casinos have very efficient customer service executives. You can find your answer on the cc page most probably, so you don’t have to ask the exec at all.

  • Demo mode

New players often fall into the trap of laying bets from the word go. This isn’t a wise strategy.

Check out a few demo games before laying live bets. Master the console first and then go in for the kill. Another word of advice- start with low value bets so as to minimize your losses.

There are a few other things you can do to win big.

Read a few betting guides before getting started. You can find these online and it would be indeed helpful to read them up. However, these are just guides; they may not necessarily make you win your game.

Secondly, always set up a budget. If you have $100 in your pocket, set apart just 2% of this money for betting. Most new gamblers overlook this principle, and end up losing a lot of money on the table. Remember, gambling can never replace your normal day job; treat it as a means of entertainment.

Even if you lose, treat your loss as just a speed breaker. Don’t take losses to your heart. Gambling is full of chances, some good, others bad.

Choose your games wisely. Some games have high RTPs and high volatility. You may avoid these games as there is a high chance of losing all your winnings in a very short time. Consider laying bets that have medium to low volatility.

Lastly, never lay bets while using public Wi-fi. Phishers and online thieves might break into your wallet and rob you of your money.