You don’t just need to work long hours in a Malaysia based firm to become a millionaire. With several live bet Malaysia websites, you can pick your right game, and go home big. Try out Live22, an exciting online casino hosted by, a trusted gambling platform that draws visitors from all over the world. With over 100 fun casino and arcade games, Live22 can be your gateway to a world of wealth and opulence.

To win big in this online casino, here is what you need to do.

If you are a new player, you first need to create your account. Opening an account is quite easy. Simply go to the H3Asia website, and click ‘Register’. In the next 4 steps, you can open your free account. Just give out your name, email id, password, country of origin, currency. You will also have to share your date of birth and bank account details. The latter is needed to integrate your bank account with the online casino’s payment gateways.

Once you are done with creating your online account, you need to make an initial deposit. This initial corpus will fund your first few games.

At this stage, look out for the various promos and bonuses available on your live bet Malaysia website. Bonuses and promos help in unexpected ways. For example, you can get a few free spins on your favorite slot. Who knows one of these free spins might help you bag a jackpot!

Speaking of jackpots, some of the games on Live22 have progressive jackpots. Check out those games and lay your first bet on one of them.

Do you understand these online casino terms like bet value, coin value, scatter, joker, etc. If not, perhaps it’s time to understand them.

Now this advice is for the newbies. If you are wading into the world of online casino for the first time, please practice your first few moves. Practice on the demo modes of some of the games that you see. At this stage, there is absolutely no need to place any money bet. Once you have mastered those demo games, start your money bets.

Once you have started laying your money bets, please set up a bet limit. This means you are setting a limit to how much you are betting on a particular day.

Is it wise to lay bets on all the games in your online casino? We don’t think so. Your focus should be those games over which you have command. We’d even suggest that you should lay bets on skill-base games and not on those which have a big house edge. Games which have high house edges are more likely to be won by the casino.

One major reason why gamblers like to visit brick and mortar casinos is because of live dealers. You can match your wits with a live dealer on an online casino too. Share your messages, etc. via the interactive platform provided.