Horse racing bets have always been popular among people of all age groups. And when the sport came online, its popularity increased further because the game was now more easily accessible to a wider audience. And with technological evolution, further progress was made such that virtual horse racing can now be enjoyed in 3D experience!

Yes, Ezgo123, one of the best horse racing betting sites in Singapore, has made this possible. The online portal allows its users to own, train, and bet on horses, facilitating easy earnings through placing bets on the race. Now this of course has several advantages which we’ll discuss in the subsequent sections.

Unique Features of Ezgo123

There are plenty but we’ve listed out a few here for your understanding:

  1. 3D viewing experience – A few decades ago, horse racing enthusiasts had to buy expensive tickets to the stadium to watch their favourite horse and jockey race against competitors, primarily because they’d placed money on that horse. Now the whole experience has been brought online. But Ezgo123goes a step further by providing live 3D viewing experience to the bettors.

The whole look and feel of the game undergoes massive transformation with this feature and gamers are sure to love this enjoyable experience which cannot be put in words. You need to try it out for yourself.

  • Ease of use – The best part about betting on this portal is that it allows easy entry to any adult looking to have fun or make money with horse racing betting online. All you need is to sign up on Ezgo123 and start rolling out a budgeted amount from your bankroll by wagering on your favourite horse. What’s more, once you register on the site, you receive a 100% deposit bonus from the portal!
  • Live betting – This has to be the best part about the site that’s much appreciated by a large number of users. You can place bets live as you watch an on-going race. This is useful to the gamers too who secure a chance to get acquainted with the proceedings of the race first before making their betting choices.
  • Guaranteed best odds – When it comes to gambling on horse racing, you want to be assured of the best odds at winning. And this website guarantees you just that. With lots of promotions and bonuses on offer, the odds further increase.
  • Expert advice on wagers – Another great advantage of being a part of the horse racing experience on this portal is that you get a chance to get some valuable tips from experts in the domain. These might come in handy when wagering. Plus, there’s the on-going customer care support on horse racing betting on the site. You can seek instant guidance or assistance on any issue concerning the game.

Summing Up

With so many unique features to avail at Ezgo123, you’re in for some fully entertaining 3D and live betting experience on horse racing online at