According to latest government level reports, more and more Singaporeans are trying their luck in4D and Toto. Online betting Singapore has taken off considerably owing to the rise in safe and reliable gaming portals. The legalization of several online betting portals has also been instrumental in enhancing the popularity of betting among the new generation of Singapore. Betting is one of the oldest forms of recreational activity which dates back to a few thousand years. With time, civilized societies are also getting involved in betting but with restricted and minimized betting activities to check monetary wastage. Today, the definition of gambling or betting in progressive nations is different. In Singapore at least, the general trend has been to spend an average of $30 on bets. This is up from an average of$20 last year when the overall popularity was less compared to this year. The popularity of Singapore Online betting can be attributed to the following factors.

  • Availability of reliable betting portals: Modern online Singapore betting portals are very safe and reliable. They follow a normal e registration process which requires the users to signup with authentic profiles. There is no scope to set up fake betting accounts. The entire process is very transparent and safe.
  • No chance of monetary losses: There is no scope of losing the money won in Singapore Online betting! The money won in a gaming bet can be easily transferred to your personal bank account and withdrawn. These accounts are secured from external hacking and are easy to setup, manage and cancel.
  • Ability to earn extra bucks: The younger generation of Singapore sees online betting as a way to earn a few quick extra bucks. Many Singaporeans have found online betting as a very easy and legitimate source to earn extra dollars considering the rising average cost of living. It must be kept in mind that Singapore is one of the costliest cities in the world.
  • A great source of entertainment: Online gaming is a great source of entertainment for young professionals. The online sports like horse racing, car racing, billiards, pokers and casino give a real rush of adrenaline to the players. They take it as a great source of entertainment after their busy work schedule. Modern online betting is also a source of additional income for the players!
  • Government friendly approach: The Singapore government has a moderate stand on betting and other such activities. It has authorized casinos and online portals to function with specific regulatory compliances.

Portals like H3Asia are very reliable. These portals are safe, secure and feature rich. Built with rich user interface, high end graphics and network level security, these sites are becoming very popular with the modern generation of Singapore. Today, backdated sites and non compliant betting portals are losing business to the modern ones. Betting in Singapore will remain a popular pastime activity although the country has strict policies against any unlawful activities involving the same. It is always good to stay on the safer side by registering with authentic portals.