Last year, a few people made millions by winning in various Singapore online betting websites like GDlotto. These stats compel many people to take on online betting, but many of these new players don’t know how to win their games. This article will explain though 8 simple ways how you can increase your chances of winning in an online lottery particularly GDlotto.

1. Play the right games

Most people think that all the lottery games have just the same set of rules. They come to the gaming site, buy a lottery ticket and wait for the results, but is it a right strategy?

Before you take the first step, be aware that there are at least 3 different types of lotteries. National lotteries have a broader reach so it has a very big pool of players. If there is a very big pool of players, your odds of winning your Singapore online betting are less.

In contrast, there are state level lotteries where people have to be physically located in a particular state to buy a ticket. GDlotto is present in several countries so there will be very many players participating in that particular game.

2. How about a lottery pool?

Of course, you can increase your odds buying more than one lottery ticket. But even a single lottery ticket is expensive and if you buy several then it drains your pocket quickly. But buying many tickets still does not increase your winning odds significantly.

The simplest winning strategy in this case is to join a lottery pool. If you have a lottery pool in your office, consider joining it to improve your winning chances.

3. Choose uncommon numbers

It makes better sense to choose rarer numbers and combinations in the GDlotto lottery. Beat popular wisdom in the online betting Singapore world by picking those numbers that others don’t.

You can choose your number by installing certain lottery apps on your mobile phone.

Remember this, if you happen to win a jackpot, you stand to share it with others and your payout might be diluted.

4. Secure your lottery ticket

An amazing hack to win your lottery is to first secure your ticket. Forget for a moment that you will win or lose, but the moment you receive your ticket, sign on its back.

Another thing, don’t hand over your ticket to the lottery clerk to find out whether you’ve won your lottery or not.  It is better to check your results on a computer.

5. Reuse your other people’s lottery ticket numbers to improve your winning chances in the next game.

6. Improve your lottery winning chances with second chance games. Enter your lottery number once again to improve your winning chances.

7. Don’t forget to double check your numbers, and never miss a lottery win. Check your numbers and jot down the date so that you never miss your winning chances.

8. Beware of the scammers by buying your GDlotto ticket only from authorized sellers. Never pay upfront before receiving your prize.

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